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Reviewed in Canada on January 18, 2020
This was my first experience with a full VR headset beyond using the samsung gear and I'm very impressed. I bought the 128GB model as the 64GB was out of stock but don't see a reason beyond that to get the larger storage.

TL:DR, great headset with only minor flaws.

I normally wear glasses but found they weren't needed; it does come with a spacer in case you have a strong prescription. The lenses have a very targeted "sweet spot" so expect a lot of fine adjusting over the first day or two to find yours. Also make sure you loosen the middle strap completely before putting on the headset, it comes very tight. As strange as it sounds I would recommend looking up a video on YouTube on how to properly adjust everything. It would have made my experience much better from the get go.

The headset isn't without it's flaws but I think that may be just where things are in VR right now. In black loading screens or very dark scenes I do notice differences in the light levels which is surprising considering it's an OLED screen. Once everything is going it's a non-issue though. The so-called "screen door" effect is somewhat noticeable even with the resolution as high as it is but only if you really look for it. Again, a non-issue once you're playing and I expect it's that way with most headsets that aren't a 5 digit price.

Oculus link works great. I only have occasional minor hitching and that's usually during exceptionally busy scenes or loading. Make sure you get a decent cable like the Anker 10ft USB C one recommended by Oculus. You can use it with a USB 3 extension but I do have some issues sometimes getting the PC to recognize it.

The biggest issue by far is the weight. It's around 1.25 pounds or 570 grams which is a lot to have on the front of your head. Once the head strap is adjusted properly I can use it for around an hour before my face starts to hurt from it resting on my cheekbones. I ended up buying an 8 pack of 2oz fishing weights and taping them to the back of the headset strap to counterbalance it and now I can use it for double that time. Your mileage may vary.

Overall it's a great experience and great if you want to get into VR without breaking the bank. VR has come a long way and I suspect with the advancements coming for this one in particular (hand tracking, possibly wireless oculus link) it's going to be a good year for VR.
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