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Reviewed in Canada on March 28, 2020
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 I had a few, almost microscopic ants last month. Last week we had many medium size ants and increasing numbers. I picked 2 spots that looked to have the most traffic and attempted to twist of the bait-station cap. I thoroughly mangled the plastic bait station. Had to cut all 6 open with a knife, but got it done. Also had to repair and reshape opening to reach the floor on the ones I attempted to open per instructions.

I placed a station by the most promising ant trail and spilled two drops of bait. The ants turned to the bait and sucked it up. In 2 hours they were sprinting to the station and rushing back to the colony. In 6 hours they were overflowing the bait-station opening and sprinting 2 wide each way. Amazing. We are at day 4 and I see one slow ant heading to the station and there are almost no ants in the house. I have never seen anything work this well. I could not get ants interested in other stations once the rush was on.
Great product.
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