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Reviewed in Canada on October 11, 2018
I decided to try this cheap Kingston SSD on my old Dell Precision M6500.
It's a 10 year old laptop with a first gen i5 processor with 8gb of ram.

Before I had an old SanDisk Extreme SSD in it, till it failed.
So I decided to try a budget SSD in this already old laptop that couldn't even take advantage of the speeds you get from SATA III since it only uses SATA II.

But I am really regretting it!
The performance difference of the old SanDisk drive to this Kingston SSD is night & day!
Since this drive doesn't have DRAM it takes allot longer for it to find files & handle random read/write processes that happen within Windows regularly.
& I find with this drive is faced with multiple tasks at the same time it gets even slower!
These same tasks on the same laptop went allot smoother on the SanDisk SSD that had DRAM.

Like it's still faster then a mechanical hard drive..... But for a little bit more money for something like a Samsung EVO 860 I think is totally worth it.

Another issue, is since there is no DRAM, these drives need to work allot harder, & it's fair to say they will likely have a shorter life. (Also why they have such short warranties compared to more expensive SSD's)

Bottom line is I'll keep this SSD in my old Dell, since I don't do a whole lot on it anymore.
But the next SSD I buy I'll pay a little more money & ensure it has DRAM by doing my research.

Oh one other thing worth noting that confused me.
This Kingston drive is quite thin, thinner then your typical 2.5 laptop HDD or my old SanDisk Extreme SSD.
So when I tried to slide it into the slot on my laptops motherboard the drive I ended up actually wedging under the SATA connector.
So to keep this story short I realized after 45mins of mucking around, & I slid it in with the laptop upright so it would line up with the SATA connector.
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