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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on October 6, 2019
Andy Clark writes a Warhammer 40K yarn like a video game more than other authors I have read but that's not necessarily a grave knock on his novel. He's amazingly economical with his action scenes and he packs them in end to end. The latter 2/3 of Shroud of Night describes a massive planetary invasion and Clark indulges in a little bit of everything: daemons, cultists, berserkers, angels and of course plenty of Space Marines. The entire cast is as one-note as you would expect from something like this and there's not much in the way of levity to balance out the grimdark. But again, would you have it any other way? A perfectly brisk vacation read or one to cozy up to in winter when Netflix just isn't doing it for you.
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