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Reviewed in Canada on May 5, 2021
I have thick, callused heels.

I have gone for pedicures for years. I've used various pedicure files purchased at spas (recommended by those who give them) to upkeep my feet between pedicures.

I bought this during Covid.

Well, it's just shredded my heels. I followed people's advice on here. I am used to looking after my feet.

I am in 50's and not new to this.

I don't have sensitive heels. I have had cracked heels in the past. I don't currently - and my feet are not in bad shape at moment.

I don't get it.

This blade just rips up the skin. It's like a cheese grater.

It's not smoothing the skin or buffing it. It literally shreds it. Not off, not shreds it.

Maybe I have to keep going - but I'm not sure how much more I am supposed to do. I went at it for a few sessions, and it just became rougher and rougher and more torn. Not soft, but rough.

I'm not a fan. I would much prefer something that files it off, or buffs it. I've used files, pumices, scrubs and even the spin tools.

Not a fan.

I used wet and also dry.
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