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Reviewed in Canada on June 3, 2020
For a system that does not use base stations the tracking is very good. Overall build quality is great, feels and looks very nice, solid construction. Very comfortable as well, the head strap and band in designed in a way that I could see it working well for almost anyone. Weight on the head and face is not very noticeable.

Image quality is very good overall, lots of detail and good colors. The lenses are very clear and have a large sweet spot where the image looks sharp and clear. OLED units have better blacks and slightly better colors but I actually prefer this as you can see more detail in dark areas. I have switched between an OLED brand and this in Alyx at the same save point and for some objects and dark areas it is very noticeable how much more detail you can see.

The controllers are very light comfortable and easy to use. Oculus has done an outstanding job putting this system together for this price.

The only downsides for me are the field of view and the screen door effect. SDE isn't bad but is noticeable sometimes. The field of view is a bit limited, when I get into a game it's easy to ignore but to me this is by for the biggest area where there is a lot of room for improvement. Higher frame rates would be another one, have not tried one of the 120+ fps HMDs so I can't say if I can see the difference but I get a little bit of a feeling that things are not as smooth as they could be.
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