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Reviewed in Canada on December 21, 2020
When I buy a 4k version of a film that's what I expect to get. I don't want to have to go through asinine hoops where I have to register my code with "Movies Anywhere" or "VUDU" and if I didn't google what the hell VUDU was I wouldn't know that my 4k rights get removed until such time that VUDU gets a 4k version. Disgusting. So I go through and now I have to get iTunes through "Movies Anywhere" to download my film. Except right on the cling film it says, sorry you have to be in the states to download this film. Well I happen to have a US bank account and various other US dealings so okay, super annoying but fine. I go to make an iTunes account so I can download my movie that I paid for and nope, sorry you need to have A US address in order to get this film. You also need a US bank account or iTunes snaps you back to Canada and you lose all your progress filing in their obnoxious privacy agreement where you have to agree for them to use all your data a billion times because Apple. If I could pirate this, I would and donate the money to the people who made the film not this utter garbage.
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