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Reviewed in Canada on December 24, 2020
What this ad doesn't tell you is that the digital download code only offers a 4k download in the US. Sorry Canadians, but you're going to be stuck with standard definition. That's right, not even 1080p, just 480p for your digital download. And it seems that it can only be claimed through the Google Play Store. I enjoy having physical media, but I've also had discs fail after a few years, so having the digital download as a backup is a great feature. But not so much when its only in 480p! Seriously!?
The ad also doesn't tell you that there is absolutely NO special features. I knew this before hand, but thought it would still be worth it because I also get the digital download. Of course that didn't work out quite so well. And people should be fully informed of what they're actually getting with this purchase.
As far as I'm concerned, if you're in Canada, do not consider the digital download code as a selling point. If you care enough about a movie that you'll buy a 4k Blu Ray, then a 480p download is a completely useless to you.
What you get in this set is the Theatrical and Extended versions of each movie, and that's it. To be fair, the movies look and sound great, but with no special features, and a useless digital download code, I just can't recommend it at it's current price of $115CAD. You can get both the theatrical and extended editions in 4k with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, in Apple TV/iTunes right now for $60CAD ($30 for theatrical trilogy & $30 for Extended trilogy).
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