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Reviewed in Canada on December 30, 2019
Great Device but the software is severely limited, it's as though they purposely blocked some options altogether. This is nothing more than a limited "Alexa Display" with stereo speakers.

I bought this for two reasons, one is to control smart home devices without having to use voice while my wife is sleeping and the second is to play music and view lyrics in a speaker group.

The ability to control devices is very annoying, swipe to the left, click smart home, it then displays devices, when clicking a device where it shows them it doesn't perform the action on/off instead it brings you to a sub menu where you finally can control your device. That is 4 actions, when I compare that to my phone where I just click a widget a maximum of two actions for my desired result, the hardware of this device is severely limited because of this, an interface similar to Android widgets would make much more sense. Eg click one button on the home screen to show devices and have the ability to control the on off state of lights or plugs directly from that screen kind of like action tiles or widgets. I have no clue what the development team was thinking with this system.

The second reason I got this was to have a dedicated music interface to use while hosting guests. It actually works okay and one of the best features it has is the ability to show lyrics while playing a song I almost fell in love with it right away that is until the screen timed out, imagine this, I have friends around a great song comes on we want to see the lyrics to sing along and 1/3 of da wae through the song the screen goes back to the home screen.

This I'll call it a straight up bug completely negates any value to the lyrics option there's absolutely no reason to have this option if it's not going to work as intended.

Edit* Lyrics appear to be working fine now. Increased by one star*

I tried a prime video show and it worked flawlessly the screen did not time out why just why can't this be added to music?

The last and final flaws, it's not really Amazon's fault but Canadian laws prevent a lot of things to used on Amazon devices here, there however is a work around and that is using the browsers to access content like Netflix or recipes, the flaw to that is again there's no on screen button to access it you're forced to do it by voice.

This is not a smart display, if you're looking for a smart display look elsewhere this is nothing more than a Echo with a screen, a tablet and a Echo dot mind you not having the same sound quality as this would be more useful.

I haven't decided whether or not I'm going to return it or not, it definitely is a upgrade from a regular echo but for the same amount of money I can get so so much more functionality.

Edit* lowering my review to 1 star because I can no longer play Netflix in the browser, not sure if it's because I updated the firmware or it's some outside factor, either way it's now less useful than it was when purchased -1 star
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