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Reviewed in Canada on June 24, 2020
have been using an original Xbox360 controller on the PC for years, and decided to upgrade, and saw this one. for a very reasonable price. Overall I'm impressed with the build quality, and love how solid connection the USB connector makes. That said, I find that the stick nubs are too small and feel slippery overall. This was remedied by grabbing a one of my PS4's nub covers which gave much more surface area.

The second issue, for me, is the sensitivity/tension of the triggers. on my 360, PS4 and even PS3 controllers, I find that the tension is enough that I'm much less likely to press all the way down. As I mainly play racing games, being able to modulate gas and brakes is incredibly important and I find this controller was designed much more with Shooters in mind. there just doesn't seem to be any tension that I'm over braking most of the time, which is really disappointing because I really like the gamepad otherwise. If I'm playing something where the triggers are really just on/off, it works great. unfortunately though I don't think I would buy it again.

Edit - Just got an Xbox Series X and really really wish that PowerA had added the rumble to the triggers instead of going RGB. The game pads are very similar otherwise and I think the rumble along with little more tension in the triggers would have made this the perfect wired alternative.
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