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Reviewed in Canada on September 23, 2016
This is a great book for die-hard Harry Potter fans!

But, before I go to far, there are a couple of important differences between this deluxe slipcase edition, and the cheaper, non-slipcase edition. First of all the deluxe version is physically larger than the regular illustrated version. Slipcase aside, the book itself is about 2 inches taller and about 2 inches wider. Overall, the deluxe version is about 13 inches tall and approximately 11 inches wide, which may make it a tougher fit on some people's book shelves. Also, the deluxe version is printed in Italy, whereas the regular illustrated version is printed in China. Although I didn't do too many side-by-side comparisons of each book, it does seem like the illustrations in the deluxe version are much brighter than the cheaper version printed in China -go figure.

I should also point out that I purchased my deluxe version through BWBCanada and the book did not arrive in shrink-wrap. So, if any of you are buying this for collecting purposes keep that in mind. However, the price was WAY better than Amazon's price, the book arrived on time, and there were no additional fees, import fees, or duty. I only paid what was charged during the Amazon check-out procedure, and when I picked this parcel up at the post office, I did not have to pay anything extra.

Lastly, I'll say it again, this book is for die-hard Harry Potter fans only. The deluxe slipcase edition is very expensive and really doesn't offer that much above the regular illustrated version.


I would also like to add that the customer service at BWBCanada is fantastic. I had quite a few questions that needed to be answered before I felt comfortable ordering this book from this company and every time I sent an e-mail to BWBCanada, the customer service representative answered all my questions in each e-mail. This was my first time ordering a book from overseas (UK) and I had a lot of questions about duty, import fees etc. and they did a fantastic job of reassuring me before I placed my order. I would definitely feel comfortable ordering from them again.
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