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Reviewed in Canada on June 23, 2020
I compared the video output from this device with a HDMI capture box from Magewell (twice the price). I found colours to be oversaturated when using the Mirabox compared to the Magewell, but again, it's half the price. If you're using the Mirabox with OBS you can do some colour correction.

Apart from non-realistic colour rendering, the other thing you don't get with these non-brand "brands" is any tech support. I went looking for the manufacturer's website to see if there were any firmware updates. but there IS no manufacturer's website. If that kind of thing is important to you, you should consider buying the more expensive ElGato or Magewell boxes that actually have aftermarket support.

I am not a fan of the non-standard USB3 type A port. Why not use a micro B female port (as is on every portable USB hard drive)?

On a Mac this device is recognized as both a video and an audio source. Using OBS, sometimes I have to deselect and then reselect if I connect it after the computer has already started up. Not really an issue, just something to be aware of.

Also tested with Zoom, which recognizes the device without any issues.

I saw one review that said it overheated and failed, so I left this one powered up, with a gopro camera connected, connected to a computer running OBS, for a couple days. It does get warm, but so far continues to work fine. Definitely leave some air space around it, and don't lay anything on it. If you're going to run it for long periods of time, or if you're using it in a room that's not well-ventilated, it wouldn't be a bad idea to stick a passive heat sink to the case to keep it cooler.
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