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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on March 12, 2023
This is a excellent moisturizer for your nails. I was previously purchasing expensive nail oils that were not as good and were also much more expensive.
I was watching a utuber who is a nail technician. She recommended this oil highly saying it’s the closest oil that works with our nails. I had a slight issue with an allergic reaction to something I had used. I had dry cuts and nails, they were so painful.
I treated them by nightly soaks with tea tree essential oil in warm water and applying this jojoba oil. I also apply it each time I wash my hands. The nail technician advised anyone with cuts and dry nails and cuticles to apply the oil each time you wash your hands.I know it’s quite a few times a day but it’s worth it to have beautiful fingers again and no pain from extreme dry skin and cuts. Highly recommend this oil and brand. Will be purchasing again. I also suggest getting the larger bottle. Just make sure the expiry date is for a year or two later. I ordered the small bottle and I have used up a substantial amount already in a short period of time. My next order will be the large bottle. This brand of oil definitely is a game changer for someone that wants beautiful looking nails.
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