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Reviewed in Canada on March 1, 2021
It's functionnal, easy to use, does nice sugar crusting.
-does the job nicely, but you need to be careful at your brulée terchnique: (low flame and rapid hand sweeping motion will melt your sugar evenly --high flame will make it burn)
-perfect if you use only once in a while, this way it should last a lifetime
-good quality/price

-Knobs are stiff at first...
So turn gently, back and forth to create some usage (DELICATELY, remember most stuff we receive are made in China with horrible quality plastic and metal). So go gently at first to release all over tightness from the plant -- and this with all chinese products.
-in between Fragile and Sturdy, so probably easy to break if you'd think it was made in a good country, elsewhere than China.
-not for professional use
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