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Reviewed in Canada on March 22, 2001
I have read and reread this book over 20 times (approx) in the 2.5 years since I found it (I spent a lot of time in my school library in junior high, and this was showcased near new fiction. Pretty impressive for Virginia, wouldn't you say?) Anyuway, I didn't know a whole lot about sexuality at the time, but this book DEFINITELY taught me about it, as well as about recognizing it and tolerating it. Since sexuality is one of the many things we start considering in high school, I and many of my friends have since wondered about our own "ness" so to speak. I have passed this book around to many of my friends, and have others who have copies of it as well. At the beginning of this year, my friends and I called ourselves the Blue Crew (we used different shades of blue to denote our level of queerness)'s generally a great book...I wouldn't recommend it to EVERYBODY, since not everyone WANTS TO understand the altculture associated with our glbt&q neighbors, but for an openminded and tolerant person, this book is a great read.
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