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Reviewed in Canada on November 28, 2021
My roommates had a kid, and all of a sudden me listening to tv through my speakers in the middle of the night became an issue. So I needed to find some headphones that:

1. Fit my giant head
2. Were wireless so I could walk around while listening.
3. Weren't $400. Which seemed to be the price for a really good set of wireless headphones.

I ended up buying a few sets of headphones from a variety of manufacturers in the sub $100 range. As part of the first batch I ended up getting an Anker Q20+ which ended up being my favorite of the bunch. I had clicking and popping issues in the end so I decided to return the Q20's and then bought a few more expensive headphones in the $100-150 range including the Q30, I had thought about the Q35 but I mostly want these to watch TV so LDAC wasn't a high priority. Again, I liked the Anker headphones best and kept them. Turns out I should've waited for black Friday as they dropped in price drastically and Amazon wouldn't give me the new price. I would've had to return them and buy them again which I found awfully silly.

The Q30's also seem to suffer from the clicking & popping issue. But after some playing around and more shopping, the issue stemmed from the cheap Bluetooth radio I was using. I upgraded to a PCI-E Bluetooth card with proper antennas and most of those issues have disappeared, and as a bonus the range has increased drastically. Sometimes I'll get gaps during playback but that seems to from me using Spacial effects in Windows.

All in all I'm quite impressed so far, sure some Bose or Sennheiser headphones would've been nice but im watching stereo TV shows and listening to spotify. While I don't need anything fancy, I find the build quality to be quite good on these. They're comfortable, sound good and while the noise cancelling can be spotty its better than not having any.
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