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Reviewed in Canada on November 10, 2021
I had a 60" x 40" Quartet whiteboard in my office, but one of my kids wanted it to work out math and physics problems. The first one was great, so I figured I would get another one from Quartet.

This one came by special courier, but the box was still damaged. I found several small chips in the white backing when I opened it, but I needed the board, so I put it up anyhow. From the way the whole thing looked, the damage wasn't from shipping. And another smaller whiteboard that I ordered at the same time.

I tried to use the enclosed mounting hardware. I've mounted several whiteboards before, and it isn't like this is rocket science. I lined up one edge so the screws would go into the wooden studs, as this should give more support (it would be nice if these could be designed with mounting holes that line up with standard stud spacing ... but that's another issue altogether...) I used one of the holes in the wall that the prior whiteboard was anchored into. Then I tried to screw the lower mount to the wall. Despite a proper pilot hole, the screw stripped halfway in (yes, I was careful, and I used the appropriate sized bit). I ended up having to cut off the screw and move the whole board to accommodate this.

Not impressed. For a few bucks more, they could have used better screws. And I'm sure that they could do better with the paint on the back so it wouldn't have chips. But, sadly, this is the only real option, as the other glass whiteboards are greenish, and the metal ones don't last.
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