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Reviewed in Canada on August 25, 2001
Just recently, I was forced to see the original Paramount tape in shop class for the first 2 days of school. Considering my addiction to computers, you'd think a guy like me would get the technological lingo. I did, but the tape was played too many years late for anyone else to (even then, they wouldn't get it). Considering his successes today, I'm thinking "Ethan Hawke was in this?" The plot's pretty shallow, even for sci-fi, which makes it the more accessible. It's about 3 junior high kids, 2 normal, 1 nerd, you have to have at least one. As far as I remember, the computer kid renders up this giant orb and after a considerable amount of time, they build a spaceship out of a Tilt-A-Whirl car, with an Apple computer as the controller of the orb that would make the car move (remember, all the macintosh and windows weren't even mainstays yet). They eventually go to this ship, which I didn't really pay attention to, because I had been sent to another room (with a TV, because the school had a closed-circuit network, but I sat at a far corner anyway, actually enjoying myself.) for expressing my disgust with this movie. A lot of it had to deal with this alien who emulated a TV set or whatever. The various references to the one, the only, Groucho Marx (very funny guy, too bad he's long gone) when he hosted You Bet Your Life, and the Beverly Hillbillies probably went over every kid's head except mine, being a good pop-culture buff. Industrial, Light, and Magic did a great job with the 3D shots, considering it was the best they could do. It's very similar to Tron (which I only saw bits of). Don't waste your money on the tape, you'll find on the Disney channel once in a while, with more footage than the tape, I bet.
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