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Reviewed in Canada on September 6, 2019
This is my first VR setup. It's utterly stable and reliable and works sooo well. I am very tall my kids aren't and yet switching between us between games has not caused any issues for me. We take it off, put it down and don't use it for a couple days...when we come back to it, no adjustment necessary, it just works all the time. This is what I perhaps love the most, an utterly reliable experience. On that note, let me say that I love VR and am truly impressed with the visual quality of the Rift S. It's a great design with awesome performance. I have a Geforce 1080 and performance is flawless so far. The game selection is awesome and impressive. this is a must buy.

Let me say again, VR is way better than I expected. The Oculus demo that gets you up to speed on VR is amazing for showing friends. They have all previously been "meh" about VR...until I showed them the demo, they are all convinced now, it's here to stay. It's that convincing and beautiful.

The displays are excellent in the headset. The screen door effect (which I was most concerned about originally) is so minimized as to be a non issue. This alone makes the Rift S a worthy upgrade. I'm not concerned about 80hz vs 90hz panels, having a consistent frame rate is more important really comes down to immersion and screen door effect more than anything takes me out of the moment, provided the other equipment in the chain is up to the task.

The inside out tracking works very well, Though my arms are long and I find I can reach beyond what the inside out tracking can track with arm movements at shoulder height, though it should be noted a firmware update has improved this considerably. It's not generally an issue at all, but it has been an issue a couple times.

I'm still amazed at how stable the headset is and how it doesn't lose calibration or suffer drift. It's so solid. That kind of reliability is huge and contributes to that the feeling you get from the device that it's a fully realized product.

They nailed it with this product.
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