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Reviewed in Canada on January 19, 2021
Writers. As in the titles for Deadpool, they are the real heroes in story telling.

Just an absolute shame about what happened to them in this film. I'm assuming that tragedy befell them, and that's why the storytelling for this movie was lackluster and actually boring. Despite having some thematic and character elements that were interesting in themselves, and which held great potential, these elements were lost due to either a lack of focus in the script, an overly long runtime (two hours and thirty minutes), or were just overshadowed and confused by other story elements that were given more focus.

From a thematic perspective, the film explores the empowerment of women in the context of a culture that sidelines their worthiness and contributions, while also exploring the corrupting influence of power and wealth. We get it: People are awful, but dammit they deserve another shot! The approach to both of these themes is confused and lacks focus, as the film tries to alternate between scenes where they are blasted into the viewer's eyes using characters/villains that reflect the flawed nature and motivation behind both abstract concepts. As is the wont of villains as a group, the go about the business of conquering and destroying the world, because...reasons?

Obviously, if you receive great power the first thing you must do is abuse that power and lose your humanity in the process, something which even the titular heroine falls prey to, and thereby redeeming herself and showing her own fallibility. A touching and heartfelt story that runs a good chunk of the screen time, but has a feeling of being forced and a little bit whiny. Close to 70 years passed between the story of the first film and the sequel, and in that time we're supposed to believe that an empowered and enlightened woman who is successfully finding her way in the world was unable to get over a guy she knew for maybe less than a week? Unlikely. More appropriately, it is a juvenile trope that gives the impression that this is a high school level romance.

As for the ongoing theme of female empowerment, maybe some general consideration should be given to Wonder Woman's costume. The character was created by DC comics back in 1941 and pretty much modeled after a pinup girl. If the same company (DC) can kill Superman, change his costume, bring him back to life, turn him into a cyborg, etc, then surely they can find the moxie to develop a female character's costume that's not based off of a bustier and a mini-skirt.
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