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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on June 8, 2022
So many people want to be entrepreneurs but only a few of them are true builders - of products, teams, cultures. I’ve heard of Tony Fadell’s name mentioned over the years and knew that he was one of those people who was really behind the success of Silicon Valley - brilliant, driven engineer/designers with the war stories that comes with it. When I saw that Fadell’s had a book I instantly ordered the hardcover for me and a few of my employees because I knew that it was one of those books that we’d want to keep on our shelves as we are building our company. It’s packed with backstories about the most iconic products ever to emerge from SV, as well as a lot of what I would consider “insider” knowledge of how to build world class products, brand experiences, teams, and even careers in technology.
I’ve got Tony’s book right beside the Steve Jobs biography where it belongs.
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