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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on December 29, 2014
As a newcomer to the world of rope bondage, I was always quite nervous to try ties I saw online or in pictures; that is until I found Morpheous' Bondage Basics book. Suddenly a new world opened up for me!.

The step by step guide is perfect for anyone wanting to learn how to tie up their partners for an evening of fun. My favorite aspect is the close up pictures that accompany each step so I know exactly what I'm doing and what it should look like. The vivid images are so beautiful and make rope bondage feel elegant and sensual while maintaining its instructional use.

The emphasis on safety throughout the book put my mind at ease as I taught myself the ties. I constantly kept the safety tips at the forefront of any tie I attempted and I know my partner appreciated that as well.

This book has helped me broaden my horizons in the realm of rope bondage and has helped me appreciate how this type of art can bring two people closer together. I'm excited to try all the different ties in the book (my partner certainly is as well!).

Bondage Basics is going to be the best stocking stuffer I gave to all my friends this year!
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