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Reviewed in Canada on July 31, 2020
This is a solid skimmer. Just another supposed groundbreaking self-help book from some guy who has been declared an expert by repeating well known ideas to a corporate audience and can effectively write for the masses at a sixth grade level. This book is a pseudo-intellectual approach to the well known. These are all ideas that I have heard expressed better elsewhere and there isn't a single unique idea in the book. It's a book by a guy with a silver tongue, mediocre research skills, and who found a publisher with a good copy editor. It wouldn't be so cringey to read if he didn't refer to concepts as "Laws" which they are not, and proper noun "Principles" which is also barely true. Talk about self aggrandizing.

There is a lot of repetition here as well. This whole book could have been written in 75 pages.

There's nothing wrong with buying this book if you think it will help but I recommend reading the first couple of chapters and then reading chapter summaries to determine if you already know the content. Then you can dive in on anything that is new to you. I spent about an hour going cover to cover. See if you can get it used or at the Library or something. It's not worth spending more than a few bucks on.
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