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Reviewed in Canada on April 13, 2021
I thought I'd use this for a while before reviewing. 8 months later, I've replaced the HMD cable, but these have been flawless. They're exactly what I wanted.

Running my Index cable along my ceiling through these badboys. The adjustable drop lets you change any of the heights, so you can get your VR cable in the perfect alignment for your space in minutes. The ability to use the included ring to have multiple pulleys support the same point... fantastic. I used the included hardware to screw this into my ceiling, so I don't know anything about the adhesive pads. The retraction strength is just about perfect on these, and the amount it fights you is not bad at all. It's there, but really, totally manageable. The silent motion and silencers seem fine, but honestly I don't know how much noise these things are even capable at producing. It's not like you're pulling the cable all the way out and then letting it snap back when playing. The rubber straps for securing the cable have held up well. No stretching or damage, and I have to set up and teardown my entire rig for every session, so I'm doing up, then undoing these little straps all the time.

If your HMD has a wire, consider these units a must have.
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4.7 out of 5
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