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Reviewed in Canada on March 27, 2017
A masterpiece. I've played over 70 hours of Breath of the Wild and it is truly one of the greatest games ever made.

The game focuses more on exploration than many other games in the Zelda series, dropping you into a wide open world of monsters, puzzles, and a story narrative that spans 10,000 years.

After you complete the introductory section, you're essentially free to roam the world and tackle the quests presented to you in any manner you want. This game can be challenging at times but everything feels very rewarding. Things just make sense and you can utilize the tools and abilities you have to create a ton of incredibly realistic scenarios.

Is this worth buying a Switch just to play? I'm leaning towards yes, yes it is. If you're a Nintendo and Zelda fan, it's a must have on the Switch. The portability of this game is incredible as the Shrines are bite sized enough to finish on a short commute and you can always find something to accomplish in 10-15 minutes of game time.

It's a masterpiece and you should play this game if you like video games at all.
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4.8 out of 5
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