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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on May 22, 2020
Nearly all of the examples given within the book are taken out of context and evaulated biased to the desired perspective of the writers. The summary of some (many) stories contradicts the intended persuasion of the topic. Such lack of awareness in failed clarity is great for a 'leadership' cultish mindset but not actually guide the leaders to exercise the specific skills to actually portray the MSC leader persona that the writers are trying to convey. Unfortunately, it's just another one of that ' self-help by generality' rather than by 'skills'. For example, "successful people are determined" or "true following comes from self-awareness as a leader". These sound more like ideologies that people would nod their heads to but not actually true to what the outcome of reality. In the book, the anecdotal situations mentioned, a banker who's successful in his banking industry and a department head in a Health ministry of some country, all accomplished their success without the MSC leadership approach, and only after they have become successful in their career, then they had the time to venture into this meditative lifestyle....which means....they were successful leader in accomplishments first before they can be reflective leader for the sake of...well....better personal wellness?
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