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Reviewed in Canada on December 31, 2020
Will edit my review depending how the return goes. A bit of advice I gave mu son off the hop. Use the velcro strap included to secure the cable to the headset strap. The cable works fine for the quest 2. Just make sure that the USB port on your computer itself is fast enough. My son got one at his moms aswell. An actual oculus brand cable and it wasn't working so I explained it over the phone. Then he couldn't get the cable I got him (this one) working while he was here. Same thing, problem resolved by using a different USB port. Anyhow, even tho we strapped the cable to the headset, the C port end came off inside the headset. It did charge the headset tho from his laptop he said while playing and also, before trying it on the laptop, I used the USB to type C adapter that came with my galaxy s10e and was able to charge the oculus headset using this cable along with the oculus charging block and the USB to type C adapter. I'm not sure if we just got a weak end or what as we took extra precautions even with the velcro strap and it still broke. We're going thru the refund process and will update review accordingly but so far, as long as the refund is accepted, product works as it should, try different USB ports if you have any issues
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