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Reviewed in Canada on October 24, 2021
I was super excited to read this book because of all the great reviews, but I was quickly disappointed within the first five pages. It takes four pages for the main character to just simply turn around and I can't think of any point in the novel where I was actually enjoying it. If this hadn't been the book my book club selected, I probably would have stopped reading long ago. Plot is similar to Hating Game, but carries none of the enjoyable qualities.
The main character, Catalina, has long drawn out thoughts that cover pages and simple conversations take forever to be finished. There are a lot of plot holes or points that never get brought up again. Way too many cliches that doesn't really work in the favour of the book or its characters. Honestly, this book could have been condensed into 200-300 pages instead of the 400 something that it is. The 'problem' in the novel isn't focused on enough to even feel sympathy towards the MC, and only adds to the annoyance of the reader. Really tried my all to enjoy it but can't say i did at all.
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