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Reviewed in Canada on November 29, 2013
The last "classic" I'm reviewing in this series, was written the same year as Titanic ... Lost and Found. These easy readers often go out of print very quickly and it says much when one can keep in print for well over twenty years. Pompeii tells the story of the fateful day that Mount Vesuvius erupted from the perspective of what it must have been like to have seen what was happening had you been there. A detailed, gripping story that captures the imagination and could possibly send the reader into further exploration of the topic. Even more intriguing is the jump ahead in time to when Pompeii has been buried and forgotten and Pliny's writings are being read then builders discover walls in the ground. Eventually more of buried Pompeii is unearthed and a full-scale archaeological dig is underway. The book explains this process until it reaches the historical, museum-like, tourist site, we have today. The book ends warning that Vesuvius could erupt again at any time. Due to the age of the book I checked the current information on this and found a very recent article, Sept. 2013, in which Japanese scientists presented to a volcano conference in Italy that Vesuvius "could erupt again at any time" and the Italian government must have a suitable disaster plan drawn up. So the books information is still very current up to today. The only problem I have with this easy reader is that the writing is not quite as good as the previous ones I've recommended as it does talk down to the reader in a way that could easily have been avoided.
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