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Reviewed in Canada on June 18, 2021
First, when you play Zelda, what are you expecting?
I am expecting stress free battles and fun dungeons. This game has none of that.

Fighting is just annoying. Weapons keep breaking, you don't level up or gain experience for skills from defeating your enemies. Apparently, you eventually can upgrade armors with their drops but that's about the only reason to fight. (didn't find where after around 20-30 hours in without a wiki)

Dungeons? What dungeons. Every temple is a few simplistic puzzle or two. Some of them has an easy boss battle only. I don't see any fun in that.

Open world? Exploration of a huge and beautiful world? Well, if that's your cup of tea. Not what I'm expecting from a Zelda.
Besides, I really don't see the fun of exploring a world full of emptiness. Forests, plains, mountains, and that's about it. Barely any towns, have to keep looking for those towers and 120 temples that aren't even fun to play through. And then those damn korok seeds.

Quests. Honestly, for an open world game, you really don't have much of those. And they are also hard to find. You probably wouldn't find half of them on your own.

If they improved the battle system with at least not breaking your weapons or making them repairable and last much longer, I might have enjoyed this a bit more. At least give us a legit reason to fight, character levels, skill levels, I don't know, something. You have nothing to win from defeating your opponents and your weapons keep breaking and that keep stressing me.

Hardly fun for me.
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