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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on April 21, 2022
My sister gave me her old FitBit and I knew from the first time I wore it I wouldn’t be able to tolerate the band the came with it.
This band is, so weird to say, but soft; it’s just so comfortable to wear. Having the magnetic closure is a blessing for anyone who has a disability that affects their muscles/joints/etc… it’s so easy for me to take ok and off, or loosen the band to swing it around my wrist to wear on the inside for sleep; no more fussing with straps and trying to get the prong in the right hole and struggling when my hand hets too shaky.
The only issue I have with the band ai received is that the top doesn’t properly click into the top of the watch. I haven’t had any issue with it sliding out yet, hopefully I don’t.
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