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Reviewed in Canada on November 3, 2021
I'm disgusted with the lack luster interface for Android provided with this tablet. The icons are spaced WAY too far apart and you can't do anything about it. I had to download a different launcher for it. Microsoft's is reluctantly better.

The included wallpaper was also ugly (only one choice was provided with the device), so I changed it right away.

Connecting to my network was a real hassle. For some reason there is no way to connect to "Hidden Networks" even if you type in the SSID manually. I had to unhide my network. That is, frustratingly, a security hazard. It does however support both 2.4GHz and 5GHz connections. (Update: It will connect to a 2.4GHz hidden network if you select "hidden network" under "Advanced" - this should have been automatic, not a hidden option, but it will not connect to my 5GHz hidden connection. I'm using a D-Link Router.)

The overall speed of the device is good, and so far it works with my Holy Stone Drone and I have another device ordered that requires an android device to operate it. (which is the main reason I ordered this).

So if you order this, you will need to tweak the interface. So far I have not noticed any large bloatware applications installed on it.

If you don't mind tinkering a bit, this is for you.

I'm reducing a star because the included launcher was a bad choice, and connecting to hidden networks should have been an automatic feature not a hidden option (and because hidden 5GHz doesn't work).
(Also note: the corners of the display are not sensitive enough to touch. It is hard to select things in the corner regions of the screen. I had to install a touch screen calibrator to try and fix the problem. Although it improved, it isn't great.)
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