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Reviewed in Canada on June 15, 2020
These pulleys seem well built and well designed. The cable runs with very little noise and the sticky pads do stick very well, even to drop ceiling tiles. For anyone interested in this setup, there are two things to be aware of, neither of which you can really fault this product. The first issue is cable tug. Since the function of the cables is to retract the slack cable, you will feel the cable tugging on your HMD when you move far enough for the pulleys do work their magic. There is definitely potential to minimize this, which I will explore, primarily through experimenting with slack, pulley placement, and I also heard adding small weights (fishing weights) could reduce the pulley tug. The second potential issue that exists is in games that users typically turn full rotations repeatedly, you run the risk of causing damage and kinks to your cable. I chose to run this risk since my pulleys only risk compromising a 20 dollar 10 foot cable (Oculus Link), but for those using 16 foot HDMI cables for their PC headsets, that could get expensive if you damage a cable. As of now, there is no foolproof system that I have found to fix this issue, it is just an inherent risk. There are overlays you can get in Steam that show how many rotations you've done, so you can spin in the opposite direction to straighten the cable. This is a good product, but buyers should be aware that it is not a perfect solution at this time. If I could suggest one thing in particular, adjustable cable retraction tensioner would probably help with cable tug.
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