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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on June 26, 2002
...shall be filled."
Those hungry for more of the Lord and who read this book, shall be filled. A.W. Tozer said that a good book was one which "made you put it down and think it over yourself." This is one of those books.
Wilkerson's prescribed pursuit of Jesus begins with "Feeding on Christ". He teaches how to come to the Lord, how to commune with Him, and then how to walk in the presence of Jesus. Section 2 speaks of the cost of faith, the power of Jesus to overcome, and the road to victory. Section three unveils Christ in His glory, His power for our lives, and His awesome majesty for the whole world.
Wilkerson helps usher the reader into the manifest presence of the living God. It strengthened my faith and added awe and humility to my prayer life.
This book is further evidence that Wilkerson is more than a self-described "watchman". I believe David Wilkerson is God's man for this generation. This book adds proof to that assertion.
God will surely bless you while you read it and for desiring to be nearer to Him. His promise is that He will then "draw near to you".
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