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Reviewed in Canada on December 25, 2016
Star Trek Beyond is basically a 21st century update of the Saturday morning serial (as was Indiana Jones, to the credit of the producers of those movies). There were a couple of bright spots in the dialogue, and there were quite a few clever quips, but the character development is at the cartoonish level, as is the plot, and as are, indeed, the action sequences, almost none of which are credible to a viewer with a basic knowledge of physics, whether it's characters bouncing back up to fight again after many-storey falls, starships plunging through (extremely slow-moving) asteroidal debris in "the nebula" or through jagged mountain peaks on the planet where the film takes place --- or through various structural components of the "Yorktown" space colony. I don't think it's a spoiler to say that hull breaches may occur (which doesn't seem to affect the ship's internal atmosphere). All alien characters have human facial expressions and vocal tone, and, I guess it's Star Trek tradition --- they look like humans wearing rubber masks. On the upside, the characters (human and in some cases, aliens) are likeable and attractive (despite the weak script), the special effects are as grand as one would expect (if defying most known laws of physics), and if you liked the original Flash Gordon with Buster Crabbe and Jean Rogers, then the level of sophistication of this version of Star Trek should work for you. I watched it because JJ Abrams is in on the project, and he has done some good work in the past, even on earlier versions of Star Trek. However, in balance, I was simply unable to suspend disbelief at any point in this production --- start to finish (I really didn't care that much about how the plot resolved). With stunt motorbike riding thrown in, the 8-12 year olds should like it. The soundtrack also seemed to be aimed at younger ears. Honestly, this is not really recommended for adult viewers with a knowledge of science (which is perhaps less an anomaly for a science fiction production that one might expect). In summary: despite expansive special effects, breathtaking sets and likeable characters, this film is just barely watchable.
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