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Reviewed in Canada on June 8, 2021
I had a lot of hope for this and waited many months after release to give it a go. unfortunately this is a terrible way of implementing a wireless battery operated camera.

CONS: The battery life can vary so much that it doesn't even make sense to leave customers to figure out why it says 3 to 6 months on the specs and they cant get past a week, if lucky. The wyze app has a beta version that allows to install beta firmwares but unless you're the type to dive into a tech challenge, there's no chance for the "general" audience to start figuring out why they cant get anything to work and why it doesn't. The battery drain can only be known if you are on a beta version, and have enough patience to figure out why this camera has to similarity to a 20$ V2, why the motion detection is a dice roll, why an outdoor camera with a IR night sight can be rendered useless because of the spider web that seems to always attract bugs right in view and trigger the notifications, drain the battery, unless you switch off IR and don't see anything.
I tried to setup a way for a monitor to always keep some quick and easy access to the cams in a 2x2 llive view, turns out the TV doesn't kill the app, stays connected to the feeds forcing the cameras to live stream non-stop until a dozen hours hours your realize the battery life went from 90+ % to the 15% and less on every camera you wanted to keep in reach.
The speakers are a perfect example of a poor implementation, they are muffled to a point the siren is barely audible when its more than 10ft away...and if you look at the 2mm tick rubber gasket at the base, you see why and start to ask yourself how a QC dept. has ever let this pass. When you move the rubber to allow a fraction of a mm of clear passage for the sound to leave, its so loud i can hear it 250m away in a outdoor farm land...clearly.

Pros: least compared to the V2, its night and day, and the base is detachable to reveal a standard screw-in tripod type adapter...if only it wasn't in a hole with barely enough thread left over after clearing the same rubber that covers the speaker.

My choice was only based on the previous 2-3 years of using that initial V2 camera, so amazed that a company could even sustain any income with the bang for buck. But this has given me a lot to think of the next time a new product is put on pre-order, as they seem to be doing every other week, but as an IT professional with many years of customizing networks and security for any customer's home all the way to his 100 employee, 12 story warehouse, i have seen that a Chinese NVR is not the future of a trusted system, and maybe a bunch of smaller, more discreet cams are better than having to use WinXP to see my live feeds.

My solution was out of the 3 x 3 camera starter kits, i kept one because I had to, but returned every other one and will keep my old V2 cams, put them in an "one of a hundred" models tailor made by fellow users, and upgrade my wifi signal and a 30$ 10000mah battery bank to each V2 for a real, no fuss, no if and buts, 1-3 month battery life with a 24/7 recording to the SD, and stream everything to a TV with 4 cams per page using TINYCAM.

Of yeah, i bought a 2x wyze color bulb kit, but guess what? you cannot trigger it to light up in any color other than yellow when its programmed as a rule based on detection...
Im stress lever are too high just thinking of the hours of work to figure out this information onb my own, with 0 thanks from the support, as they never replied to any method they offer on their app, even with logs and a thorough technical analysis done prior...reddit has a few subs with other outraged users that never even went a 10th of the way to figure out what kills their battery within 5% of whats advertised.
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