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Reviewed in Canada on January 2, 2019
I was super excited to get the echo show. Many many problems tho. it has a touchscreen display but mainly requires voice commands to operate. Like you can't tell Alexa to open prime video and select from there. You actually have to say what you want to watch. You can't select a prime show from touching the screen which is stupid!! It would have made so much more sense if there were apps you can download onto the echo show. To open up the web browser you have to ask Alexa, there's no other way to open the web browser. If u were able to download apps on this device it would be so much better and easier. Like a youtube, prime video, Netflix, google app!! even recipe apps! but it all relies on voice commands though it has a touchscreen display. Oh, and you can't even customize the home screen!!! you can only change the background picture which is ridiculous.

I do not know if this has happened to anyone else echo show, But my sound keeps going away!! the second day I had it I moved it into my kitchen and it would not make a sound. Alexa wouldn't talk but the blue light would show. Music would be muted and no sound would come out of it. I contacted Amazon support and they told me everything to do and nothing worked. I let it sit overnight and still would not work. I unplugged it for about 2 hours and then it started working again!! I was still not comfortable how easy it was to go out of sound. It was working fine for a couple of days and then IT HAPPENED AGAIN NO SOUND OR ANYTHING COMING OUT OF IT. I have had it for 1 week and I have had NUMEROUS problems with it!!!!! the only positives from this device are it sounds amazing WHEN IT WORKS!
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