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Reviewed in Canada on September 28, 2021
The camera is quite impressive.
Mounting hardware is not flexible (some orientations are not easy to do).
Software is the weak link, not intuitive (e.g. some commands at top of page, some at bottom of page), does not seem to have a simple and direct way to upload an event video from SD storage into standard formats (such as MP4). Software crashed quite often (seems to be related to slow SD access or server delay).
After using this for more than a month, I have to say that the software is a lot worse than I initially thought. It is outright frustrating to use.
It crashed often, e.g. if you try to search a relatively large collection of videos.
It deletes all videos in all the catalogue pages on that day, if you happened to (manually) select all the recordings on just a page (get mixed up with select all for delete).
It is against intuition, e.g. in the Album, there are two deletion icon (garbage cans) simultaneously, one at the top right and another at the top bottom, they don't mean the same (one is for select what to delete, the other delete what has been selected).
After the videos are deleted from the SD, the space is not recovered (you need to do a reformat!).
It does not seem to do any compression.
It is slow and often failed to load / recover, just counting to 100% (there is no concept similar to TCP/IP), or complain about losing WiFi (my Ring video on the same router never had that problem).
There is no way to convert downloaded video or photo (in the album) into standard format (unless there is a secret tool hidden somewhere).
The software was probably written by an amateur, it should be completely rewritten from scratch.
I do not think this product is usable without a new software.
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