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Reviewed in Canada on July 21, 2020
I can easily get five brews out of a teaspoon of this with no appreciable flavour loss. There is a slight bit of residue that appears after the second cup, but looking at it through a loupe makes me believe it to be a combination of tea dust and slightly too withered ends on some leaves. My first few cups had very healthy leaves of a reasonable size. Few loose stems.

This tea is leaps and bounds ahead of Davidson's, and that brand of tea is also infamous for debris in their tea. I have gone through the entirety of the pound I've ordered from Numi, and cannot find anything which is not tea. Very happy with this product. I did not expect to be able to get five brews (200ml each) before losing flavour. I don't have an extremely sophisticated palate, but it seems that for the money this tea is top notch.
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