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Reviewed in Canada on January 23, 2021
I used it -- very successfully -- to digitize 7-8 1980/90s family VHSes with composite video and stereo audio RCA connections. Very simple and reliable, with no oddities or falterings. On Windows 10, didn't need any proprietary drivers; just plugged in and that was it! I used the recommended alternative to the included software: freeware 'OBS Studio'. Quite a few other reviews complain about the cluncky/confusing application which comes with it on a CD, so I just avoided the CD altogether. Good to know one can potentially use any 3rd party capture software -- making this an open/generic tool. Coming from a TV background, I tend to think of a decent capture device as costing at least a few hundred dollars. This one cost the price of a sit-down lunch! Not sure how it would perform capturing higher -grade sources, but if your goal is to preserve old VHSes, 8mm, Hi8mm, and such, I can't imagine this disappointing.
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3.8 out of 5
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