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Reviewed in Canada on June 9, 2020
There are quite a few YouTube videos online showing how to use this deck as fortunetelling for “Yes” or “No” questions, you can also just it for 3-6 cards reading.

What I love this deck is that it has all the phases of the moon in a year so when you want to find out the exact timing to your question. This deck can give you a specific time frame to your answer. Eg. “Full moon of Sagittarius” of 2020 on June 5th to “New moon of Libra” Oct 16, 2020.

If the reading isn’t very accurate, just open the box and lay the cards out under one of the full moon evenings for a few hours to let it absorb the energy of the moon. Just have to make sure that you return into the box before dawn.

Enjoy these cards!!
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