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Reviewed in Canada on December 10, 2017
I just love this movie and this actress. So many female heroes in my opinion are dressed ridiculously in order to expose more than they cover but not this Wonder Woman. She didn’t represent sex. She represented a warrior – strong and fearless. She represented women as loving and caring. When I first saw this character in the Superman vs Batman movie, I got chill thrills and just knew she’d be awesome. And she is.
The story is told of Diana as she grew up as a child, living with her people on a hidden island. Then a plane crashes into the water around the island and Diana rescues a man. Then she learns of the world outside and the war. Instinctively she knows it’s their old enemy at work and seeks to go and find him.
The acting is excellent and Chris Pine has always been great in any role he does. The action scenes are riveting and the fight scenes and moves that Wonder Woman can do are incredible.
I totally enjoyed this movie and highly recommend it.
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