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Reviewed in Canada on March 26, 2021
I've been using the headset for a few hours each day for the last few months.
- Overall it is reasonably comfortable.
- Very nice button functionality. ex: control party chat vs game sounds
- Headset if fairly lightweight and long term wearing is ok.
- I feel that it is a reasonable value in today's overpriced headset market.
- Mute button is a simple one press.

- The ear muffs could be softer and a little less plastic ish (not a real word. lol). My Cowin SE7 headset is the ultimate "clouds" on the ears for long headset use.
- The buttons are trash. Way to thin and tiny. The rocker chat/game and high/low volume are hard to differentiate between them. I'm not asking for huge buttons, but something double the width of the current ones with a bit more prominence on them, especially the on/off and rockers.
- The headset lighting is a very tiny blue light and located on one side near the head band. It's great to be discreet, but it would be better if it was a bit more visual to know if it is on, and on mute, etc. Better color scheme too (Ex: Blue=on, Orange=mute, Red=charging, blinking red=charge me) Currently its only blue.
- The overall headset is quite large and almost too big for my smaller (male) head. I can't see any female with a slight build wearing it properly. The top of the head to the earmuff position is just within tolerance for me (I'm a thin 5'8" guy). A bit smaller head and the nonadjustable ear pieces would not be sitting on the ears properly.
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