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Reviewed in Canada on November 2, 2019
It baffles me that they sell products like this in Canada and then having important functions only available in the USA. A product that is placed in the Kitchen 80% of the time one would think you could ask Alexa for a recipe but denied because you don't live in the USA. They should put disclaimers stating this for us Canadians. I thought this would be fixed in time but it's been years now and very little has changed (I'm having the same issue with my Fire TV Cube go figure). There are work arounds but It just doesn't work the same or as well as it should. Looking for a way now to set up different profiles for my Echo's in my house at the moment but having a hard time of it. In the US you would set up your Echo's with a Household Group and add each family member with a phone to that group. Doing this allows them to access things like there contacts and not just yours. Here in Canada the Household function is unavailable so again looking for a work around. All in all I love these products but they frustrate me to death at times. If I were to start from scratch I might consider the competition with most likely a bunch of there own problems.
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