Customer Review

Reviewed in Canada on December 14, 2020
Works way better than expected considering we got it for $60 on Black Friday.

Love the app, it’s free and works great.
Also love that this camera is wireless! Easy to mount, battery lasts ( have only had to charge once so far in the few months we’ve had it ), don’t need to worry about wiring to a outlet.

Only issue I have noticed is that if you don’t aim it perfectly it doesn’t always catch motion on the edges of the frame unfortunately.
It sometimes also only saves the motion recording from right when that person arrives right at the door ( we have ours positioned in the corner by our door ), so then it doesn’t catch anything on the recording of the person actually walking to the door or what they did prior to arriving at the door.

Also highly recommend getting a larger storage sd card to use ( we went with a 128gb ).
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