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Reviewed in Canada on December 22, 2018
I have had the DK2, The Oculus Rift and having now tried the Oculus GO! and found myself reasonably impressed with where mobile VR is going. The device is definitely more user-friendly, significantly less expensive and as a result, proportionately, one could say the GO! is more bang for the buck. There is no immersive movement other than side to side and up and down but moving forward and back are spacial motions that often make VR initially a little unsettling for novices. Yet, within the realms of fun and games the GO! is an awesome little introduction to virtual reality's promise. In particular apps like Wander are a must-have travel app that has an advantage over Google Earth VR in the Rift, in that you can invite other GO! users to travel to destinations you are viewing simultaneously!!! Friends appear as their Avatar and you can voice chat. As time goes on, virtual reality is becoming a lot more entertaining the more socially connected it gets and Wander is really cool that way, so where are you flight simulators with an option to bring passengers along? Long overdue! There seem to be enough free apps to get a good taste of VR but I can see where it is designed to sell applications and subscriptions like most mobile devices, whereas, having an Oculus Rift is more like owning a PC and accessing vast archives of free stuff. Still, the Oculus GO! pays for the day in value and convenience of use. It is optimized for viewing 3D, 360 photos and YouTube VR videos, Netflix and other such media, I have not tried many games other than the freebie Dead and Buried which was reasonably well-adapted to mobile. Not requiring room-scale has its advantages in the comfortable light-weight Oculus Go! as a quick coffee-table VR entertainment device. FUN!
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