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Reviewed in Canada on March 13, 2021
Such a great anthology of stories from authors sharing their experiences.
I felt deeply connected to Christine Day's story. It's the first time that I have read an Indigenous persons' account in an anthology. As an Indigenous person myself, I understand how she felt with the lack of Indigenous education in the formal school system. The information is sparse and slightly bias from one (caucasian) persective. That is something that definitely needs to change in curriculum. Our people are in the school systems and should learn more about the Indigenous populations around them, instead of having to get further education after high school. Also non-Indigenous people should learn about the people who were on the land before anyone else. Before you teach about The Mayflower. It should be taught in history before any of the wars either. Although, that is my bias opinion.
Still, one of the most powerful snippets in the book comes from Sona Charaipotra's story. It says, 'We have to raise our voices and create the change we want to see.' Today, more than ever, no truer words are spoken.
This is a book that will effect whomever reads it. One of these stories will definitely hit you in a way you won't expect! Pick it up today!
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