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Reviewed in Canada on January 2, 2020
I was really happy to receive this product, but it has required much trouble shooting to get it to work, and then requires me to constantly reset it.

The light is bright, adjustable, and easy to install. It solves my problem with a shaded area that can't be solved with a wired light.

My troubleshooting indicates 2 performance problems for my installation environment:
1. The performance of the device is adversely affected by temperatures less than 0 degrees celsius (32 F)

2. The device needs to be reset after it has lost connection with the bridge. I have been reseting it every one or two days.

For these reasons, I do not recommend this product.

I live in the warmest part of Canada, which means winter temperatures are rarely less than -3 degrees celsius. But this device is quite affected by these low temperatures. I have four different Ring battery devices that are out doors with less protection and have never had a problem with them when it gets cold (down to -3 degrees Celsius).

For this device, when the temperature gets low, device health shows the battery going from full charge to half charge. (I used new brand name batteries.) The light will also have difficulty connecting to the bridge. The signal strength of the light to the bridge decreases, and it might lose the connection. I have moved the bridge 10 ft and this has improved the connection slightly. It is now less than 5 feet from the flood light, but the connection is intermittent.

When it loses connection, to reset the connection, I need to take it down, remove and then replace the batteries. I've had to follow this procedure every one or two days.

I have edited this review to include the results of my troubleshooting. I've added an additional star, because the light is fabulous, but given that Canadian winter temperatures are usually below -3 degrees Celsius, I don't think is is suitable for most Canadian locations.
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