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Reviewed in Canada on July 3, 2000
I gave this movie 3 stars, being my rating for a film that I liked while watching, but have little desire to see again. I would recommend renting it but not buying it (sorry Amazon!). There are some good laughs, and many more smiles. Unfortunately, you know what's going to happen throughout the entire movie, so there's little excitement. And there's one too many obstacles in between the lovers-to-be. It simply goes on a little too long.
On the whole the acting is very good. I especially liked Alec Baldwin and Gina McKee in supporting roles, and Hugh Grant in the lead. Julia Roberts was dissappointing, especially since this is the kind of part she plays so well (the type of person you love half the time but don't like the other half, a la My Best Friend's Wedding). Her performance was flat for the most part, when what the script wanted was reserved. It's a fine line, but she doesn't quite get on the right side.
The DVD has a number of interesting bits. The cut scenes were interesting - for the most part the movie was better off without them, except the dinner at with William's parents, which would have been a fine addition. The director's commentary (with the writer and producer) was informative and interesting. The travel guide to Notting Hill is also ideal for those that want to see the locations. And the "Movie Tips" with Hugh Grant was very entertaining. A good set of extras.
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