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Reviewed in Canada on March 27, 2021
This review covers the Zumimall Solar Powered Battery Camera and the Zumimall Battery Camera ((this product)). I bought a total of 9 cameras (6 solar, 3 battery)

First the pros -
Relatively easy install,
actual camera seems well made,
app is ad-free and works well,
night-vision is okay but not as great as the newer Yi or Wyze cams,
competitive low cost

Now the cons -
-Motion detection is a bit late that almost all videos show the person or object of interest leaving the frame. The thumbnail image tied to the video shows the person/object in the middle of the frame. If there was a little bit of a rolling cache memory, the video would be complete (I think my Eufy does that).
-Complicated manual registration process via email and back and forth and sometimes they stop responding, doesn't make me confident for when I'll actually need support. They push you to write a review for 'free' products and then stop responding once the review is up
-Noticed that the battery cameras take up a different firmware version than the solar powered ones even though they look identical physically. The battery cameras seems to be about 10 secs slower to start streaming compared to the others on average. They also have different menu options (eg. max record time is 40s compared to 1min for the solar cams). I am giving one less star to the battery version for this.
-Very low quality mounts and hardware - the plastic ring for tightening the mount broke on 3 of the 9 mounts when I unscrewed them a day after installation. About 50% of the screws broke at the head even with pre-drilled holes
-The biggest issue-Cannot save video clips from the camera through the App. Even the files on the SD card seem to be a proprietary format and would not play even with the extension changed to '.mp4' etc Zumimall recommends hitting the REC button while replaying video but that is not ideal. The resolution is not great to begin with and screen capture recording will further erode the video quality with this method. I think if I even needed to identify a license plate or face, this issue will come back to haunt.
-There is no Cloud subscription option for multi-device. There are other cameras on Amazon that include free (albeit limited retention days). I would have gone for those instead.
-One of the battery cameras consistently died during the night when it was colder (-5C). I have returned it.
-Read some reviews that recommended the ZUMIMALL app as it is newer but I could not get the cameras to pair up during the discovery process. I had to stick to Cloudedge
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